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Re: 4.0 Testing Signup

This is good start and we should use this approach each component. Once we
have volunteers for each area, it will be important to also publish a
confluence page per component by the volunteer so we can know/discuss how
it was tested.

On Wed, Nov 7, 2018 at 12:14 PM Joseph Lynch <joe.e.lynch@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Following up on Jon's call
> <
> >
> for QA, I put together the start of a confluence page
> <>for
> people to list out important components that they think should be tested
> before 4.0 releases and hopefully committers and contributors can signup
> and present their progress to the community. I've certainly missed a ton of
> components that need testing but I figured that it may be good to get the
> conversation started and moving forward.
> What do people think? Is there a more effective way to list these out or if
> people like this maybe folks can start contributing sections and
> volunteering to shepherd or test them?
> Let me know,
> -Joey