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Re: QA signup

> In looking at the Confluence space restrictions, it appears the main page is open for editing and I don't see restrictions on page creation; can you try to sign in, create one, and let me know if that doesn't work?

I signed in and went to "Jira reports" and then tried to hit "Add Jira
Report" and it said "Sorry you don't have permission to create
content. Contact your space administrator to request access". Also if
I just go to the Cassandra space there is no "Create" button in the in
the top left where it normally is, all I see when logged on in the
Cassandra space is "Spaces" and "People".

> I'm planning to create a few more pages for a couple testing tracks in a few days, some of which are described here [1]. Eager to collaborate on these as well.

Please let me know if you create one for internode messaging, we have
(I think valuable) data/methods from last Wednesday we can share. I've
started leaving the results we have so far as well as the methodology
we used at with
the label "4.0-QA" but I can copy and paste anywhere we decide to put
these things.


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