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Re: [VOTE] Development Approach for Apache Cassandra Management process

> I'd like to ask those of you that are +1'ing, are you willing to contribute
> or are you just voting we start an admin tool from scratch because you
> think it'll somehow produce a perfect codebase?

Roopa, Vinay, Sumanth and I are voting as community members (and a
sizeable user) and our willingness to contribute should be clear from
the close to six months of engineering work we've invested presenting,
prototyping, deploying, refactoring, designing, more discussing, and
producing the patch on CASSANDRA-14346 that then happened to revive
the April maintenance process discussion as we needed something to put
the scheduler in. Dinesh and other Apple contributors were the ones
who floated the idea in the first place and we just tried to help that
proposal actually happen. Clearly we have to re-work that patch as it
seems we have turned the management process discussion into a
discussion about repair which was not the point and we are already in
the process of converting the patch into a pluggable maintenance
execution engine for any scheduled task.

I didn't understand this vote as a vote on on releasing the yet to
exist maintenance process ... I thought we're trying to get consensus
on if we should invest in a fresh repo and build to the design (when
we have achieved the design there can be an actual release vote) or
start from an existing project which has made existing choices and
trying to refactor towards the scope/desires.


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