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[VOTE] Development Approach for Apache Cassandra Management process

    Community has been discussing about Apache Cassandra Management process
since April and we had lot of discussion about which approach to take to
get started. Several contributors have been interested in doing this and we
need to make a decision of which approach to take.

The current approaches being evaluated are
a. Donate an existing project to Apache Cassandra like Reaper. If this
option is selected, we will evaluate various projects and see which one
fits best.
b. Take a piecemeal approach and use the features from different OSS
projects and build a new project.

Available options to vote
a. +1 to use existing project.
b. +1 to take piecemeal approach
c  -1 to both
d +0 I dont mind either option

You can also just type a,b,c,d as well to chose an option.

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