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Request for post-freeze merge exception

Hey all,

On 2018-31-08 CASSANDRA-14145 had been +1'd by two reviewers and CI was
green, and so it was marked Ready To Commit. This was before the 4.0
feature freeze but before it landed, CASSANDRA-14408, which touched a few
common areas of the code, was merged. I didn't have chance to finish the
rebase over the weekend but in the end it turned out that most of the
conflicts were in test code and were straightforward to resolve. I'd like
to commit this now; the rebase is done (& has been re-reviewed), and the CI
is still green so I suspect most of the community would probably be ok with
that. We did vote for a freeze though and I don't want to subvert or
undermine that decision, so I wanted to check and give a chance for anyone
to raise objections before I did.

I'll wait 24 hours, and if nobody objects before then I'll merge to trunk.