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Re: Supporting multiple JDKs

Hey Sumanth,
 could you clear a few things up for me…

> C* 2.2

> > I'm still a bit confused as to what's the benefit in compiling with
> > jdk1.7 and then testing with jdk1.7 or jdk1.8
> I meant two separate workflows for each JDK i.e.
> Workflow1: Build against jdk1.7, and optionally run UTs and Dtests against
> 1.7

I'm still left wondering why we want to use CI resources to find bugs that the users will never encounter.
If you take out "and optionally run UTs and Dtests against 1.7" from workflow1 then I'm fine with it.

The time it takes for tests to run is a headache, so to have to run dtests four times over makes me grimace.

> C* 4.0

I'm not quite clear on what the change you intend here is.

Currently afaik we can't build the artefacts against only either JDK8 or JDK11, hence the hybrid jdk setup.
I think building the artefacts should be part of the CI build step because patches are not always about java code. 

And that unit and dtests are run only against these 'release' built artefacts. Presuming the plan remains that the hybrid approach would be the 'release' process so long as jdk11 was GA before Cassandra-4.0.

In that thread it was mentioned the concerns about the cost of running tests twice, and whether we should avoid running tests with JDK11 until we're closer to formally supporting JDK11 at run-time. 


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