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Re: Reaper as cassandra-admin

> Can you get all of the contributors cleared?
> What’s the architecture? Is it centralized? Is there a sidecar?

Working on it Jeff. Contributors are close to cleared. Copyright is either Spotify or Stefan, both whom have CLAs in place with ASF.
Licenses of all npm dependencies are good. Still gotta audit the java deps.

Architecture docs need to be fleshed out, especially to address the side-car/management ticket discussions/design.

Reaper is flexible in its design, you can run one or multiple instances. A lot of work has been made to move it towards a eventually-consistent at-least-once design. The hard-work towards the side-car model we feel is trialled and battle-tested, but we do need to re-add the pinning of connections and repair segments to localhosts.

There will be questions about some of Reaper's flexibility: for example will we still want to support memory and postgres storage backends (neither of which support distributed/side-car installations).

> As an aside, it’s frustrating that ya’ll would sit on this for months…

You're quite right Jeff, and I do owe an apology to those that worked on the ticket so far. I've been a bit caught off-guard by it all. I'm really hoping we can start to converge work and ideas from this point on.


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