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Re: Reaper as cassandra-admin

> Is there a roadmap or release schedule, so we can get an idea of what
> the Reaper devs have planned for it?

Hi Murukesh,
 there's no roadmap per se, as it's open-source and it's the contributions as they come that make it. 

What I know that's in progress or been discussed is:
 - more thorough upgrade tests,
 - support for diagnostic events (C* 4.0),
 - more task/operations: compactions, cleanups, sstableupgrades, etc etc,
 - more metrics (better visualisations, for example see the newly added streaming),
 - making the scheduler repair-agnostic (so any task/operation can be scheduled), and
 - making task/operations not based on jmx calls (preparing for non-jmx type tasks).


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