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Reaper as cassandra-admin

Hey folks,

Mick brought this up in the sidecar thread, but I wanted to have a clear /
separate discussion about what we're thinking with regard to contributing
Reaper to the C* project.  In my mind, starting with Reaper is a great way
of having an admin right now, that we know works well at the kind of scale
we need.  We've worked with a lot of companies putting Reaper in prod (at
least 50), running on several hundred clusters.  The codebase has evolved
as a direct result of production usage, and we feel it would be great to
pair it with the 4.0 release.  There was a LOT of work done on the repair
logic to make things work across every supported version of Cassandra, with
a great deal of documentation as well.

In case folks aren't aware, in addition to one off and scheduled repairs,
Reaper also does cluster wide snapshots, exposes thread pool stats, and
visualizes streaming (in trunk).

We're hoping to get some feedback on our side if that's something people
are interested in.  We've gone back and forth privately on our own
preferences, hopes, dreams, etc, but I feel like a public discussion would
be healthy at this point.  Does anyone share the view of using Reaper as a
starting point?  What concerns to people have?
Jon Haddad
twitter: rustyrazorblade