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Re: Supporting multiple JDKs

> However, in addition to using such a
> tool, I believe, when we make a release, we should build against the actual
> JDKs we support (that way, we are not making a release just based on the
> result of an external tool), and we should be able to optionally run UTs
> and DTests against the JDK  (i.e. Java7 and Java8 for C* 2.2).

I'm still a bit confused as to what's the benefit in compiling with jdk1.7 and then testing with jdk1.7 or jdk1.8

If you find breakages here that otherwise don't exist when it's compiled with jdk1.8 then that's just false-positives. As well as generally wasting CI resources.

Either way, there's not much point discussing this as Cassandra-2.1 is about EOL, and Cassandra-4.0 is stuck with a very specific compile.

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