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G1GC is now default

I fired up trunk to check something, and noticed this:

INFO  [Service Thread] 2018-08-08 15:01:36,723 - G1
Young Generation GC in 339ms.  G1 Eden Space: 4634705920 -> 0; G1 Old Gen:
1190138352 -> 1435504616; G1 Survivor Space: 406847488 -> 301989888;

which I thought was a bit weird, since I was using trunk without making any
changes and didn't remember seeing a JIRA where we agreed to make that
change.  I looked back and saw it made it in as a side effect of
CASSANDRA-9608, but wasn't explicitly discussed in the ticket, and there's
no note of it in CHANGES.

I'm personally OK with this change as G1 is a safer bet for anyone who uses
the defaults, but we should be explicit about the change.  Can anyone think
of a reason why we'd need to revert this back to ParNew / CMS?

Jon Haddad
twitter: rustyrazorblade