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Re: GitHub PR ticket spam

> I find this a bit annoying while subscribed to commits@,
> especially since we created pr@ for these kind of messages. Also I don't
> really see any value in mirroring all github comments to the ticket.

I agree with you Stefan. It makes the jira tickets quite painful to read. And I tend to make comments on the commits rather than the PRs so to avoid spamming back to the jira ticket.

But the linking to the PR is invaluable. And I can see Ariel's point about a chronological historical archive.

> Ponies would be for this to be mirrored to a tab 
> separate from comments in JIRA.

Ariel, that would be the the "worklog" option.

If this works for you, and others, I can open a INFRA to switch to worklog.


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