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Re: GitHub PR ticket spam

It is useful to have a historical record. However, it could definitely be better (huge diffs are pointless).

    On Monday, July 30, 2018, 1:27:26 AM PDT, Stefan Podkowinski <spod@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:  
 Looks like we had some active PRs recently to discuss code changes in
detail on GitHub, which I think is something we agreed is perfectly
fine, in addition to the usual Jira ticket.

What bugs me a bit is that for some reasons any comments on the PR would
be posted to the Jira ticket as well. I'm not sure what would be the
exact reason for this, I guess it's because the PR is linked in the
ticket? I find this a bit annoying while subscribed to commits@,
especially since we created pr@ for these kind of messages. Also I don't
really see any value in mirroring all github comments to the ticket.
#14556 is a good example how you could end up with tons of unformatted
code in the ticket that will also mess up search in jira. Does anyone
think this is really useful, or can we stop linking the PR in the future
(at least for highly active PRs)?

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