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Re: Tracking Testing, Release Status, and Build Health

On 30.07.2018 02:04, Scott Andreas wrote:

> I’m curious on the dev community’s thoughts on how best to organize information like this. My thinking is that by having a space to share this, the community can be more informed on each others’ work toward testing, build health, and active projects.

Let's give it a try by maintaining a dedicated confluence page. But I'd
suggest to start small by focusing on failing tests and build issues and
see if we can mature the process into a more detailed release planing as

I was also wondering if we should have a dedicated testing@ mailing list
to encourage people to just drop some lines, in case they noticed any
issues that may need some attention, but don't think it's worth posting
on dev@. Maybe we could also get nightly build status updates posted
there from b.a.o or circle.

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