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Re: [VOTE] Branching Change for 4.0 Freeze


There are pros and cons. I do hope the pros work out and the cons aren't
too impactful. I thought about just abstaining, but figured a "meh,
whatever" vote was at least worth voicing.


On 07/11/2018 04:46 PM, sankalp kohli wrote:
> Hi,
>     As discussed in the thread[1], we are proposing that we will not branch
> on 1st September but will only allow following merges into trunk.
> a. Bug and Perf fixes to 4.0.
> b. Critical bugs in any version of C*.
> c. Testing changes to help test 4.0
> If someone has a change which does not fall under these three, we can
> always discuss it and have an exception.
> Vote will be open for 72 hours.
> Thanks,
> Sankalp
> [1]

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