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Re: Planning to port cqlsh to Python 3 (CASSANDRA-10190)

On 2018/06/01 07:40:04, Michael Burman <miburman@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
> IIRC, there's no major distribution yet that defaults to Python 3 (I 
> think Ubuntu & Debian are still defaulting to Python 2 also). This will 
> happen eventually (maybe), but not yet. Discarding Python 2 support 
> would mean more base-OS work for most people wanting to run Cassandra 
> and that's not a positive thing.

Ubuntu since 16.04 defaults to Python 3:

> Python2 is not installed anymore by default on the server, cloud and the touch images, long live Python3! Python3 itself has been upgraded to the 3.5 series. -  

RHEL 7.5 deprecates Python 2 (

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