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Spring 2018 Cassandra Dev Wrap-up

Here's what's going on in the Cassandra world this spring:

Mailing list:
- Kurt sent out a call for reviewers:
- Dinesh proposed a management sidecar:
- Joey sent some math about the impact of vnodes on availability:
- We spent some time talking about feature freeze dates for 4.0, and seem
to have landed around Sept 1:

- Some really crude git log | grep | cut | sort nonsense suggests 58
different patch authors / contributors so far in 2018. This may be
undercounted by a bit.
- Blake Eggleston, Sam Tunnicliffe, and Stefan Podkowinski were added to
the PMC (congrats!)
- We're up to about 45 changes pending in 3.11.3 and 30'ish in 3.0.17,
nearing time for some new release votes

Notable Commits to 4.0 since February

- CASSANDRA-12151 landed, brining audit logs
- CASSANDRA-13910 landed, removing probabilistic read repair chance
- Pluggable storage interfaces are being added incrementally, with the
write path, repair, and streaming interfaces already committed

If you're bored on this weekend and want something to do, here's Kurt's
list of patches that need reviews:



And Josh's similar JIRA query: