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Re: camel-salesforce : connect failure due to "error=403::Unknown client"

Hi Sowjanya,
there's a discussion on CAMEL-12484[1] that might help in this case
also, adding idleTimeout=5000 to httpClientProperties. And you're very
welcome to create a JIRA issue and/or work on a contribution via pull
request for this specific issue/suggestion,



On Wed, Oct 3, 2018 at 10:17 PM Sowjanya Mudimala
<sowjanya.mudimala@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> version: 2.23.0
> I have a stand alone java app that uses camel to subscribe to
> salesforce platform event.
> I see frequent disconnects from salesforce causing the subscription
> client to fail at some point.
> attached the debug logs (1.txt).
> I am hitting the same issue with both AuthenticationType.USERNAME_PASSWORD and
> AuthenticationType.JWT.
> doesn't seem like the camel-salesforce component retries on below
> message ( when advice is reconnect=none).
> [CHANNEL:META_CONNECT]: {clientId=4ax18g474mdxneef13qtpln3p55cw,
> advice=(reconnect=none{reconnect=none, interval=0},
> channel=/meta/connect, id=15, error=403::Unknown client,
> successful=false}
> Found
> Can we follow the suggestion " whenever 403 error occurs you will be
> getting connection broken. SO do one thing add listener
> metaUnSucessfulListener.
> Once you recieve the error, the method will get called and in this
> method first unsubsicribe the existing insance of cometd, create fresh
> instance."
> Note that I am hitting this issue even after disabling salesforce
> lightening mobile alerts.
> few other relevant links:
> Thanks,
> Sowjanya.

Zoran Regvart