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Spring Bean init vs Camel Context Running status

I have a problem with spring bean init and camel context (spring) running

My software has a declared bean:

<bean id="beanA" class="com.mycompany.fabryprog.BeanA" init-method="init" />

Inside the bean i write follow code:

public class BeanA  {
    private ProducerTemplate notifier;
           public void init() {
                     notifier.requestBody("I love Apache camel");

When i start my application context i have an error because apache camel
route *seda://sendNotify* isn't still deployed jet

Can i have a method to known when spring camel context is running out?

I suppose to use another spring bean and insert it into depends-on bean
attribute. Is it correct way to solve my problem?

Kings Regard

Fabrizio Spataro