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Using same queue multiple times in a circuit

I have several Camel routes defining a "circuit" like this (where `qx` is
the queue number x, `px` is the processor number x)

    q1 -> p1 -> q2 -> p2 -> q1 -> p1 -> q3 -> p3 -> (...)



As you can notice, I reuse the queue `q1` (for achitectural purpose), the
`dynamicrouter` indicate dynamically the destination when a message comes
from `q1`, but when the message arrives at `p2`, I get a timeout exception
in this style:

    2018-09-22 14:21:21,443 [Camel (camel-1) thread #6 -
JmsConsumer[QueueTest]] WARN
org.apache.camel.component.jms.EndpointMessageListener  - Execution of JMS
message listener failed. Caused by: [org.apache.camel.RuntimeCamelException
- org.apache.camel.ExchangeTimedOutException: The OUT message was not
received within: 20000 millis due reply message with correlationID:
ID:373034344443444200000000000000000000000000000000 not received.

How can I make it works without disabling jms replying?