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RecipientList with Parallel Processing + Timeout + TypeConversion and finally Aggregation


The title might be a bit misleading, but I could not think of a better one.
I have following problem and I could not find a proper solution in camelinaction or the camel cookbook.

My setup:
I have a recipient list that sends a message to different activeMQ endpoints.
>From these Endpoints the message gets picked up by a processor (could be internal or an external application), that responds with some data (String xml, String json, ByteArray, etc).
Depending on the processor where the data came from it has to pass through some further processing:
- Type Conversion to String
- Data enrichment depending on the content the processor sent.
Finally when conversion and enrichment is done I will aggregate the results.

My first solution to this was rather simple with a fire and forget approach:

// internal processor: