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Re: Java DSL route now needs a MS SQL .to( How do I declare connection info?

From my experience, I’ve always been able to to more with the Java DSL than with Spring.  I think routes written using the Spring XML are easier to read than routes written the Java DSL, but that’s just me.

If you could post you’re Spring XML that you’re trying to translate, I’m sure we can help with that.

> On Jul 30, 2018, at 8:00 AM, John F. Berry <bohnjerry@xxxxxxxxx.INVALID> wrote:
> I've been perusing ways to declare connection to a MS SQL server.  There are plenty of Spring examples.. but how about Java DSL?  I have been attempting to utilizing the JDBC endpoint provided though camel-sql.. but I cannot seem to either find documentation of how to place a configuration file with an unknown name in an unknown location in the project, or declare it in-line.  Been looking at setting it first in the "camel registry", but no luck so far.   
> I did not include any code, since I have nothing functional or "in progress" to show for my efforts.  I'm not to the point I need to form any sort of SQL statement yet, since I cannot establish a connection.It seems so simple, but I cannot find how to simply declare server:port, un/pw without bringing a Spring context into the mix.  If that is needed to satisfy the camel vanilla SQL endpoint needs, how do I tie that into the Java DSL route I've already got going?  I went the Java DSL route simply because some other endpoints didn't have a straight forward Camel Spring solution to them.  Is this mixed environment normal?  Is there really not a choice to keep a route "clean" in one coding style or the other?
> Thanks!