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Java DSL route now needs a MS SQL .to( How do I declare connection info?

I've been perusing ways to declare connection to a MS SQL server.  There are plenty of Spring examples.. but how about Java DSL?  I have been attempting to utilizing the JDBC endpoint provided though camel-sql.. but I cannot seem to either find documentation of how to place a configuration file with an unknown name in an unknown location in the project, or declare it in-line.  Been looking at setting it first in the "camel registry", but no luck so far.   
I did not include any code, since I have nothing functional or "in progress" to show for my efforts.  I'm not to the point I need to form any sort of SQL statement yet, since I cannot establish a connection.It seems so simple, but I cannot find how to simply declare server:port, un/pw without bringing a Spring context into the mix.  If that is needed to satisfy the camel vanilla SQL endpoint needs, how do I tie that into the Java DSL route I've already got going?  I went the Java DSL route simply because some other endpoints didn't have a straight forward Camel Spring solution to them.  Is this mixed environment normal?  Is there really not a choice to keep a route "clean" in one coding style or the other?