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Rép. : <restconfiguration> swagger.json generation without host set to


here the way i use it

<restConfiguration bindingMode="off" component="servlet" port="8181"
                   apiContextPath="/api-doc" apiContextListing="false"
  <endpointProperty key="servletName" value="XXXXCamelServlet" />
  <dataFormatProperty key="prettyPrint" value="true"/>
  <apiProperty key="base.path" value="/XXXX"/>
  <apiProperty key="api.description" value="{{XXXX.ENV}} - DOCUMENTATION OF REST SERVICES XXXX"/>
  <apiProperty key="api.title" value="System XXXX" />
  <apiProperty key="api.version" value="1.0.0" />
  <apiProperty key="" value="XXXXX.YYYYY@xxxxxxxxx"/>
  <apiProperty key="api.termsOfService" value="(C) XXXX 2018"/>

<!-- <rest path="/echo" consumes="application/text" produces="application/text"> -->
<rest path="/echo" consumes="text/html" produces="text/html">
 <description>Echo rest service</description>
 <get uri="ping">
    <description>Connectivity test</description>
    <route id="echo.xxxx">

<rest path="/Service1" produces="application/json">
 <description>Summary of service1 </description>
 <get uri="/{xxxxIdService1}">
    <description>Description Id Service1</description>
      <param name="xxxxIdService1" type="path" description="Id Of Service1 description" />
      <route id="direct.xxxxService1">
         <to pattern="InOut" uri="direct:xxxxService1" />

>>> Martin Lichtin <lichtin@xxxxxxxxx.INVALID> 2018-07-12 15:55 >>>
Anyone know how I can configure <restconfiguration> so the generated swagger.json does not set host: ""?

With this I cannot, for example, import the Swagger directly into Postman and make calls to the API. says the "host" can be omitted for a more dynamic association.

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