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Re: memory leak in Camel


Its a bit hard to help when there is no more details about Camel and
what Camel routes you have etc.
Maybe you can build a sample project that can be used to demonstrate /
reproduce the issue you see.

Also there is some tips on support here in the bulleted list

On Wed, Jun 27, 2018 at 4:29 PM,  <christian.jacob@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi there,
> I have the following problem: I’m running a Camel application that is
> triggered by a RESTful POST call. With each trigger, it contacts certain
> http addresses, downloads files to the file system, parses them, and sends
> some parsed informations to another service with a REST call.
> All this is executed on VERY large data amount with many files and so on. My
> problem is: I run into a severe memory leak.
> I’ve installed JProfiler and was trying to catch that leak. What is amazing
> to me is that there are after only a couple of minutes about 100 000 objects
> of the type “TreeMap$Entry”. I drilled down to them in JProbe and found that
> there are lots of message headers in main memory, for example things like
> Connection=keep alive
> CamelFileNameProduced=C:/path/to/the/produced/file
> cache-control=no-cache
> log=F
> getMethod=isStatisticsEnabled
> All these entries waste the main memory, and even garbage collection does
> not get rid of them. My expectation is that after the steps I’ve described
> in my first sentence have finished, the main memory should almost look as
> empty as it was before the first entry of the RESTful call.
> Please find attached an xml file that is exported from JProfiler:
> And this HTML file was also exported by JProfiler and may have a clearer
> view on what was going on:
> I’m having a hard time these days because I’m fighting with my colleagues to
> use Apache Camel. If they’ve found that memory leak, I’m going to lose that
> battle. So please help.
> Many thanks in advance!
> Kind regards,
> Christian Jacob
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