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Thread issue with RabbitMQ component

Hi All,
I’m relatively new to Camel and RabbitMQ and seeing issue similar to the one reported here -
We have spring boot application that uses RabbitMQ in Request/Response mode through Camel RabbitMQ Component. Functionally application works as expected but the issue is the threads that are being created for every request. Number of connections and hanging RabbitMQ Consumer increases every-time a request passes through RabbitMQ component. I started to use the connectionFactory with assumption that connection pooling would with executor service would decrease the threads but that seems not to have much benefit. 

Is there anything else I should be looking at to iron out the issue? Attached is a screenshot and one obvious thing that pops out is there is always connection pair one for IPV4 and other for IPV6. 

Second issue I think is that consumer (dynamic reply queue) hangs around and hogs the thread. Not sure how to close it as the dynamic queues are created as part of Request/Response called from Camel multicast.

Nataraj Basappa