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camel-rabbit exclusive consumer


I'm using camel-rabbit 2.21.1 and want to
create an exclusive consumer. I've tried using the exclusive=true
option but that creates an exclusive queue which may only be accessed
by the current connection and is deleted when that connection closes.
I want to be able to lock an existing durable queue for my exclusive

Looking at I
see it does:

tag = channel.basicConsume(consumer.getEndpoint().getQueue(),
consumer.getEndpoint().isAutoAck(), this);

To support an exclusive consumer I think it needs to call the
overloaded version of basicConsume:

basicConsume(java.lang.String queue,
                              boolean noAck,
                              java.lang.String consumerTag,
                              boolean noLocal,
                              boolean exclusive,
                              Consumer callback)

Is there an option I have overlooked ?