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Route statistics not updated on Exception


I have a problem with route statistics not being updated whenever my
Camel-CXF consumer throws Exception, be it SecurityException or
ValidatonException. Route-list command shows still the same number of
incoming messages. Nothing is in failed, inflight nor in total. CXF returns
correct SOAP Fault back. Is it because message doesn't go through <from>
element and thus Exchange cannot be created?

karaf@trun()> route-list
 Context           Route                             Status
Total #       Failed #     Inflight #   Uptime
 -------           -----                             ------
-------       --------     ----------   ------
context      ws-listener   Started                   0              0
        0   13 minutes

code snippet:

<cxfEndpoint id="myCXF"...>

<camelContext xmlns="";
streamCache="true" id="context" trace="false"
useMDCLogging="false" xmlns:soap="

<route id="ws-listener">
 <from uri="cxf:bean:myCXF" />
 <....some logic..>

Camel version: 2.17.6

Operating system: Linux Ubuntu 16.04, Windows 8
Java 8, various versions

Thank you,