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memory leak in Camel

Hi there,
I have the following problem: I’m running a Camel application that is triggered by a RESTful POST call. With each trigger, it contacts certain http addresses, downloads files to the file system, parses them, and sends some parsed informations to another service with a REST call.
All this is executed on VERY large data amount with many files and so on. My problem is: I run into a severe memory leak.
I’ve installed JProfiler and was trying to catch that leak. What is amazing to me is that there are after only a couple of minutes about 100 000 objects of the type “TreeMap$Entry”. I drilled down to them in JProbe and found that there are lots of message headers in main memory, for example things like
  • Connection=keep alive
  • CamelFileNameProduced=C:/path/to/the/produced/file
  • cache-control=no-cache
  • log=F
  • getMethod=isStatisticsEnabled
All these entries waste the main memory, and even garbage collection does not get rid of them. My expectation is that after the steps I’ve described in my first sentence have finished, the main memory should almost look as empty as it was before the first entry of the RESTful call.
Please find attached an xml file that is exported from JProfiler:
And this HTML file was also exported by JProfiler and may have a clearer view on what was going on:
I’m having a hard time these days because I’m fighting with my colleagues to use Apache Camel. If they’ve found that memory leak, I’m going to lose that battle. So please help.
Many thanks in advance!
Kind regards,
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