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Camel Swagger Implementation

Hi everybody,

I'm implementing swagger in my camel rest project. It is working fine but I
have to implement more options like :

*1. By default swagger version is 2.0 , change it to 3.0.*
*2. By default generated swagger document is by name "swagger.json", change
it according to project name.*
*3. Define multiple port in swagger rest-configuration.*
*4. Read pom.xml value in my blueprint.xml.*
*5. Where is location of "swagger.json"?*

*Details :*
*Fuse Version : 6.3*
*Camel Version : 2.17.0.redhat-630187*

*Rest Configuration :*
<restConfiguration apiContextListing="true"
            apiContextPath="api-docs" bindingMode="json"
            component="jetty" contextPath="api"
            host="" port="9544" scheme="http">
            <!-- we want json output in pretty mode -->
            <dataFormatProperty key="prettyPrint" value="true"/>
            <!-- setup swagger api descriptions -->
            <apiProperty key="base.path" value="project"/>
            <apiProperty key="api.version" value="1.0.0"/>
            <apiProperty key="api.title" value="Sample Project"/>
            <apiProperty key="api.description" value="Camel Rest Swagger
that provides an details of sample project"/>

*@Kindly help.*


*Bikash Kaushik,*
*NIT Jamshedpur*