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JMS Destinataion is setting NULL

am picking up message from ActiveMQ topic and routing the message to IBM MQ using APACHE CAMEL.

I am setting various JMS properties that are getting reflected but when setting JMSDestination value it is coming as null.

The change linked below causes camel-jms throws an exception when a message is received where JMSDestination is null (when used with WebSphere MQ).

The message looks like this (anonymized)
JMSMessage class: jms_text
JMSType: null
JMSDeliveryMode: 2
JMSExpiration: 0
JMSPriority: 5
JMSMessageID: ID:c3e2d840e3d4d8d44040404040404040cfbd668a5f4f4261
JMSTimestamp: 1445609217800
JMSCorrelationID: null
JMSDestination: null
JMSReplyTo: queue://TEST/INPUT.QUEUE?targetClient=1
JMSRedelivered: false
JMSXAppID: ilities\RFHUtil\rfhutilc.exe
JMSXDeliveryCount: 1
JMS_IBM_Character_Set: IBM277
JMS_IBM_Encoding: 785
JMS_IBM_MsgType: 8
JMS_IBM_PutApplType: 11
JMS_IBM_PutDate: 20151023
JMS_IBM_PutTime: 14065780

how i can make share what i value i am setting is getting set here.

<camel:setHeader headerName="JMSDestination">

Bharat Gupta