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Re: Propagating tracing headers

Hi James

You need to use the camel-opentracing component to propagate the active
span via the camel context. Information on configuring for spring-boot can
be found here[1], as well as an example[2] - see service1.

As the trace context is being provided as B3 format, you will need to
provide a tracer (bean) that is capable of understanding this format -
either zipkin or jaeger (with specific config or env var).

If you can wait for the soon to be released camel 2.21, you will only need
to include the jaeger-tracerresolver (version 0.25) dependency in your pom
(along with camel-opentracing-starter) without having to explicitly create
the Tracer bean. [3] provides an example config for using in Istio - note
the propagation format env var.



On Thu, Mar 15, 2018 at 4:24 PM, James Falkner <jfalkner@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hey all,
> I've been doing some experimenting with tracing Camel apps (that happen to
> be running in an Istio-ified OpenShift but that's not important).
> My app consists of some camel routes exposed with REST that call out to
> other RESTful services to form an aggregate response to send back to the
> caller, using the splitter and enricher patterns (and AggregationStrategy
> POJOs) to do so.
> What I found was that the OpenTracing X-b3-* HTTP headers[1] aren't
> preserved across these calls, so the tracing gets screwed up and spans
> aren't associated with the proper traces. They are somehow being stripped,
> somewhere.
> For example, here[2] are the two uses of split/enrich from my app. Using
> the logger I determined that headers weren't being preserved. The
> workaround I found was that,
> in the AggregationStrategy POJOs[3] if I do this:
> original.getOut().setHeaders(original.getIn().getHeaders());
> Before returning the original exchange, then things work. Basically I am
> manually ensuring that the headers, if stripped, are added back. Is this a
> bug in camel? Is this workaround good?
> -James
> [1]
> [2]
> blob/1.2.x/coolstore-gw/src/main/java/com/redhat/coolstore/api_gateway/
> [3]
> blob/1.2.x/coolstore-gw/src/main/java/com/redhat/coolstore/api_gateway/