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RE: Repeatable HTTP entity by default?


If you want to have repeatable streams, enable stream caching (on the route or on the camel context).

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Subject: Repeatable HTTP entity by default?


I am using the HTTP4 component in Camel to send a JSON request to an
authenticated REST service (Basic Auth). I don't specify any

I noticed the following behavior:

- If the in exchange body is a byte[], then it turns into an
InputStreamEntity which is not repeatable unless the property
CamelSkipGzipEncoding is set to true, in which case it becomes a

- If the in exchange body is a String then it ends up becoming a
StringRequestEntity which is repeatable.

- If the in exchange body is an InputStream, it becomes an
InputStreamEntity, which is not repeatable.

Since the request is authenticated, the request needs to be repeatable
unless you cheat by enabling preemptive auth.

My question is: why doesn't Camel aggressively try to return a
repeatable HttpEntity unless it cannot reasonably do so. In my opinion
the only case that the entity cannot reasonably be made repeatable is in
the case of the InputStream body. In all other cases, if the message is
already in memory, even the gzip compression can be done to a byte array
instead of as a stream, allowing a repeatable ByteArrayEntity as a result.

The current behavior is very suprising: a String body IS repeatable by
default, a byte[] body is not.

Best regards,