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RabbitMQ acknowledgment

> Hello all,
> We are switching our backend application from Apache ActiveMQ to RabbitMQ Broker and we are trying to re-implement the following functionality:
> from(activemq:queue:endpoint?asyncConsumer=true&acknowledgementMode=4)
>   .process(...)
>   .delay(header(DELAY)).asyncDelayed().executorService(executorService)
>   .process(...)
>   .process(exchange -> {
>       ((JmsMessage) exchange.getIn()).getJmsMessage().acknowledge()
>   })
>   .end();
> The logic is that the Queue will be consumed by our route, each message will be scheduled to a future async task and AFTER the task has been completed the route will acknowledge the broker so that the latter remove the message from the Queue (no message loss in case of errors).
> Based on my investigation of rabbitmq component and Camel's implementation I cannot develop a corresponding route choosing the point upon which the acknowledgement will be returned (feature request). The requirement seems to be handled adding autoAck=false in the from URI params. Then, however, I noticed that the consumers were blocked till they acknowledge the previous message! Is this functioning as designed?
> I would like to acknowledge the consumed messages explicitly at the end of the pipeline and also keep polling the queue in the meantime independently.
> Thanks,
> Panos



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