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Changing large in-memory data to file based operation

Hello Camel Experts,

Currently we have something of below route (as simplified version), where we keep reading records 1000 at a time and keep formatting and holding in memory.

Current Simplified Solution:


Generally the data is small and we kept in-memory, we want to improve the same now to safe-guard any in-memory problem. In our landscape we can use 'tmp' storage to hold the file. So we plan to change it like this

Possible Modified Solution:

When locally tried the solution, we see it works - Camel understand '' object & writes to SFTP.

Question 1 - Would camel load it in memory completely before writing to SFTP?
Question 2 - If yes, how can we solve this problem - does some way of streaming works?

Checked : already but they are holding in memory.

Limitation: We don't want to write in chunks to sftp because of the complexity of some data have to written out-of-order.