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Re: ApacheCon 2019


It sounds good to me. I also proposed half a day for Apache Karaf, so it
makes sense for Camel.


On 29/11/2018 00:50, Zoran Regvart wrote:
> Hi Cameleers,
> there is a call for participation on private@ for ApacheCon 2019.
> Since this is 20 years of ASF and Camel has been around for more than
> a half of it I think it makes perfect sense/it's a good place to
> present/talk about Camel.
> So what do you think about having a Camel track at ApacheCon 2019 in
> Las Vegas? Do you feel like we can fill a half-day or a whole day of
> talks?
> I would like to see Camel represented there, as it's one of the
> biggest ASF projects very healthy and with a diverse community, and it
> seems really fitting to have at least half a day track or a full day
> track of talks/presentations around Camel.
> I would volunteer to be the chair for the track...
> zoran

Jean-Baptiste Onofré
Talend -