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WildFly-Camel 7.0.0

WildFly-Camel 7.0.0 provides Camel-2.22.0 integration with WildFly-13.0.0

This is a major wildfly update release that also adds a number of new components and data formats

Component upgrades include

• Camel-2.22.0
• WildFly-13.0.0
• HawtIO-2.0.2

Additional components in the supported set are:

• elasticsearch-rest
• micrometer
• rxjava2

Additional dataformats in the supported set are:

• fhirJson
• fhirXml

In addition to that, we also resolved a number of other tasks and bugs.

For details please see the 7.0.0 Milestone.

— thomas

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