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Camel error: CompletionAwareAggregationStrategy onCompletition method null exchange.


We have a camel project to process some Csv files, we create a class
implementing "CompletionAwareAggregationStrategy" in order to aggregate
each row we procces and we override the methods "aggregate" and
"onCompletion" from it.
The way we process the Csv file is parallelized with the
"parallelProcessing" and indicating an "executorService" with 8
concurrently threads.

We are having a weird issue that it barely happens, and is that in the
middle of process of the file, the method "onCompletion" is being called
(even when the file is not completely yet) and it sends the argument
"Exchange" as NULL so the whole camel route is messed up.

is that happen to any of you ? as i said this barely happens, when we try
to reprocess the file the error is gone.

If you want me to add any code snippet just let me know.

Luis Miguel Ospina Muñoz.
Ingeniero de Sistemas e Informática
Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Sede Medellín