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Teiid Camel component


We're considering implementing a Camel component for Teiid (
and looking for your insights on some design aspects and general thoughts.

Teiid is a data virtualization engine that comes as in-place real-time
integration of heterogeneous data sources (~50). Teiid exposes them through
a SQL engine and ODATA REST endpoints. It is typically run as a server
being accessed by SQL clients.

Data sources supported by Teiid are pretty much a subset of what Camel
already supports, but the benefit we see is that it provides the SQL engine
to access them all in a unified way, which makes integrations more
straightforward than using custom APIs.

It is currently possible to use the sql-camel/jdbc-camel component to
connect to a running Teiid instance, but we are looking for a tighter
integration by providing a way to embed the Teiid engine in a Camel
component. It would simplify its usage.

Would you have any recommendations for writing such a component?

One aspect we need to consider is, if it would be possible to reuse somehow
an instance of Teiid within a route or across routes or share some of
Teiid's metadata so that we do not have to bring up an instance each time.

Finally, we have just started a similar conversion on the Teiid forum so,
if you are interested please also see