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Calcite Time Conversion doubt

Hi community

Recently I have encountered a problem with time conversion.  I want to know why the following methods need to add or subtract time zone offsets. Is this designed to meet some specifications?  These methods are located in 

 /** Converts the Java type used for UDF parameters of SQL TIMESTAMP type
   * ({@link java.sql.Timestamp}) to internal representation (long).
   * <p>Converse of {@link #internalToTimestamp(long)}. */
  public static long toLong(Timestamp v) {
    return toLong(v, LOCAL_TZ);

// mainly intended for java.sql.Timestamp but works for other dates also
  public static long toLong(java.util.Date v, TimeZone timeZone) {
    final long time = v.getTime();
    return time + timeZone.getOffset(time);

/** Converts the internal representation of a SQL TIMESTAMP (long) to the Java
   * type used for UDF parameters ({@link java.sql.Timestamp}). */
  public static java.sql.Timestamp internalToTimestamp(long v) {
    return new java.sql.Timestamp(v - LOCAL_TZ.getOffset(v));