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New JIRA label "pull-request-available"

I went through JIRA and added the label "pull-request-available" to
about 30 PRs that had been marked "fix for 1.18" but we didn't get

I suggest that we start using the "pull-request-available" label more often.

But my bigger point is that we letting our community down when we have
such a large backlog of un-merged patches. The committers of this
project, collectively, are not staying on top of their work load.

Personally, I have been doing as much as I can, including taking on
the release manager role when no one else stepped up, and personally
committing a very large fraction of the 200+ commits in this release.
Maintaining Calcite is NOT part of my responsibilities at my day-job,
so I am doing this all in my personal time. It makes me angry that I
am shouldering this much of the responsibility. Something needs to
change around here.