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Can use calcite-server parse DDLs, code :

SqlParser.Config sqlParserConfig = SqlParser.configBuilder()
InputStream  inputStream = new ByteArrayInputStream(query.getBytes());
SqlDdlParserImpl parser = new SqlDdlParserImpl(inputStream);
SqlNode  sqlNode = parser.parseSqlStmtEof();

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主题: Can’t seem to parse DDL staements

Hi, team.

I have been using Apache Calcite for about two weeks now for one of the projects at my company. I have found it fun and pretty useful so far. I have been able to parse DMLs very smoothly. However, when I tried to parse DDLs like CREATE TABLE, ALTER TABLE, etc., the SqlParser.parseStmt() or SqlParser.parseQuery() failed.

I have detailed the specifics in the following SO question.

Looking forward to a suggestion.

Best regards,
Dilip Raj Baral