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Re: [Query] Can we use calcite for rewriting the query based on Materialized View

Hi Kumar,

Yes, it is possible.

As long as you have your schema defined you can create a Planner (Volcano,
or Heuristic) with the appropriate rules for view based rewritting and
obtain a plan that is using the views. Then you can pass from a plan back
to sql using RelToSqlConverter.

You might find interesting the discussion in [1]. You can also have a look
in the MaterializationTest which can serve as an entry point in order to
understand how the rewritting works.



Στις Παρ, 7 Δεκ 2018 στις 5:15 μ.μ., ο/η Kumar Vishal <
kumarvishal1802@xxxxxxxxx> έγραψε:

> Hi Dev,
> I am a new bee and analysing Calcite Materialized View. In my scenario I
> have multiple execution engines which have their own parser and
> optimizer(Some do not have integration with calcite). I want to register
> all the tables and Materialized Views to Calcite and handle commonly for
> all execution engines.
> i.e. I want to redirect User queries to calcite and get back the rewritten
> sql (by selecting best fit Materialized View), so rewritten sql can be
> executed by execution engine.
> Is there anyway to get the rewritten sql based on Materialized View??
> -Regards
> Kumar Vishal