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Re: Mirroring JIRA/GitHub comments

Thanks for taking this on, Michael!

I think this is a good idea as having to go back and forth between a Github PR and JIRA issue can sometimes be a massive context switch. I think Github comments are current mirrored into the appropriate JIRA issue, but the reverse does not currently work.

If possible, I think this would also be a good idea for the calcite-avatica and calcite-avatica-go repositories as well.

On 5/12/2018 6:56 am, Michael Mior wrote:
This discussion came up a while back, but I think it would be really
helpful to have JIRA comments mirror to the association GitHub issue. When
reviewing PRs, I start by looking for those with no comments (indicating
someone else has already had a look). Then I have to dig up the JIRA case
and check if someone has reviewed there. If there are no objections, I'll
file a ticket with INFRA.

Michael Mior