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Re: calcite-avatica git commit: [CALCITE-2412] Add appveyor.yml to have tests on Windows against jdk1.8, jdk9, jdk10 Add Appveyor badge Add -DskipDockerCheck because of CALCITE-2385 and to make it sync with travis.yml

>I don’t think it’s possible to automate.

Well, a rule of "first line should be separated by a blank line" seems to
be automatable.
The rule of "CALCITE-XXX should be in [...]" seems to be automatable.
And so on.

>I was a bit surprised that you, as a committer, had not already committed

setDynamicParam did not look good enough to me;a=blobdiff;f=core/src/main/java/org/apache/calcite/runtime/;h=52c11f9aaf752cea367ae921c04a20e5e6da5488;hp=771772f1ea39d74eee6e9f889ae8d6500f129c7f;hb=53e15af6c5e8e782b2edcd7f5bf4f5f32225d110;hpb=02ca9bc995cac5b4b97855a4d06df46e632d7c22

I'm inclined to incline Avatica to expose
TypedValue.setToPreparedStatement(PreparedStatement ps, int index) kind of
API, so ResultSetEnumerable.setDynamicParam could be removed altogether.

PS. It looks like I've posted the above message twice, sorry for