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Re: calcite-avatica git commit: [CALCITE-2412] Add appveyor.yml to have tests on Windows against jdk1.8, jdk9, jdk10 Add Appveyor badge Add -DskipDockerCheck because of CALCITE-2385 and to make it sync with travis.yml

>Sorry to harp on to everyone about commit messages. But a clear code
history is essential for future contributors, and clear release notes are
essential for our users.

Sorry for highjacking the thread, however it would be really great if the
verification could be automated.
The fear of "Julian claiming the commit message not being good enough" is
very real for me, and it is part of the reason I asked Michael to commit
"[CALCITE-2266] Implement SQL:2016 JSON functions" (and he was kind enough
:) ! )

PS. I'm not sure if;a=commit;h=53e15af6c5e8e782b2edcd7f5bf4f5f32225d110
in line with "standards".
Should committers (e.g. "Vladimir Sitnikov") be placed to the commit
headline (first line)?
I thought we don't place committer names to the headline, however the Art
of Calcite Commit Message is close to black magic to me.