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Re: scrolling in ElasticSearch adapter


not sure if this should be an SQL keyword. JDBC specifies various constants that can be used at statement creation time:

Not sure though if or how these configurations are accessible for data stores or dialects, but IMO using these would be the proper way.



Am 24.10.2018 um 18:44 schrieb Andrei Sereda:

I was thinking about adding [scrolling functionality](
to elastic search adapter. Since scrolling has non-negligible effect on the
cluster it should be selectively enabled on per query basis. So, likely,
user has to explicitly set "scroll flag" somewhere.

Most natural way seems in SQL. [Calcite sql grammar]( has `SCROLL` keyword
(unused to my knowledge). There were also discussions about adding hints to

### Examples
-- special sql keyword ?
SCROLL select * from elastic;

-- assuming hints are available in calcite
/* HINT: scroll */ select * from elastic;

What people think about this use-case ? Are there better ideas ?