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Re: Flaky test: RelMetadataTest#testPullUpPredicatesForExprsItr (was Re: Calcite-Master - Build # 325 - Still Failing)

Thanks, Zoltan. I missed that one in the fray.

I'll hold off them. Sadly, I'm out of my element to give you a good review (other than running the tests and saying "yup, they passed" ;))

On 7/9/18 5:34 PM, Zoltan Haindrich wrote:

I think Calcite-2384 will fix the regression; but its waiting on feedback/approval/etc :)


On 9 July 2018 23:11:37 CEST, Josh Elser <josh.elser@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Based on the comment in the test case, the test has a timeout because
previously took 15+minutes.

With a timeout of 20seconds, it's passing maybe 50% of the time on my
local machine. Goes to reason that we're seeing the same on the
builds.a.o machine.

Any complaints in bumping the timeout from 20s to 60s to stop the
Jenkins spam?

On 7/9/18 12:29 PM, Apache Jenkins Server wrote:
The Apache Jenkins build system has built Calcite-Master (build #325)

Status: Still Failing

Check console output at to view the results.