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Re: [DISCUSS] Towards Calcite 1.17.0

Just wanted to check in with how we're doing with progress towards a
release. It's not a rush at all, but I'm preparing the board report for
July and wondering if I should wait to include the 1.17.0 release. It
sounds like there are a few other things that still need to be wrapped up,
so I'm fine if we don't release for another couple weeks.

Thanks again Volodymyr for taking this on!

Michael Mior

Le mer. 30 mai 2018 à 07:44, Volodymyr Vysotskyi <volodymyr@xxxxxxxxxx> a
écrit :

> Calcite 1.16.0 was released on March 19 (more than two months ago).
> We have solved over 48 issues[1] since then, therefore we should start
> discussing about releasing Calcite 1.17.0.
> I have created [2] to track the release.
> We will start a release process after the Avatica 1.12 is released.
> I went through the list of opened PRs during the last month, and here is
> the list of Jiras which possibly be merged before the release:
> CALCITE-2303: Support DECADE time unit in EXTRACT function - changes are
> done, depends on the Avatica release
> CALCITE-2329: Enhance SubQueryRemoveRule to rewrite IN operator with the
> constant from the left side more optimally - I will make required changes
> at the beginning of next week
> * CALCITE-2321: Support ragged fixed length value union be variable -
> In review (Julian)*
> * CALCITE-2291: Add rule to push Project past Correlate - I will pick up
> this next week*
> List of other pull requests which require review or additional rework:
> CALCITE-2327: In 3 valued logic mode (b and not b) may not be simplified to
> false
> CALCITE-2302 / CALCITE-2325: Implicit type cast support - Julian added a
> comment into the Jira
> CALCITE-2331: evaluation of predicate (A or B) and C is failing for some
> adapters - created PR only with a test for this Jira
> CALCITE-2209: Support loading JSON model file through URL - Shuyi Chen
> added a comment into the Jira
> CALCITE-2324: Extract seconds, minutes from date works not correct in some
> cases
> CALCITE-2319: Druid Expressions - Output Type of Boolean expressions should
> be set to FLOAT.
> CALCITE-500: Ensure EnumerableJoin hashes the smallest input - PR is
> created
> CALCITE-2301: Remove the 10-second-timeout restriction in
> ResultSetEnumerable - needs additional rework.
> Please let me know, if there are any Jiras should be included into this
> release.
> [1]
> [2]
> Kind regards,
> Volodymyr Vysotskyi