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Improving the developer experience for releasing

I'd like to open up some discussion regarding the developer experience for making releases.

The maven configuration shipped with the project already does a lot of heavy lifting and automation, but I ran into a few issues as a non-Java developer.

Here are some of the things I ran into, while releasing Avatica 1.12.
1. GPG signs using a default key (I think this is the first key, if no default is set). I had multiple keys and my Apache key was not my first key. 2. I was not 100% sure that `-DdevelopmentVersion` should be the version after the current release. 3. It took a while to work out how to authenticate against Apache's maven repo. 4. I did not have a suitable environment. OpenJDK did not install in WSL correctly, while Oracle JDK did, but I think all releases should be built using OpenJDK. I ended up spinning up an OpenJDK container using the maven:alpine docker image and using it to execute the commands for building.

For 1, I think it should be possible to pass in the key to be used in `-Darguments` (will need to experiment).
For 2, I will update the documentation.
For 3, I will also update the documentation and reference For 4, I would like to propose adding docker-compose.yaml with a bash script that will automate the different steps for executing the dry run, publishing or the RC and the final build promotion in a docker image. This would be extremely useful for releases to easily build and make releases (with safety checks in place) to reduce the time needed to make releases drastically. This does not replace the current "more manual" method of making releases, but offers a second option for those who are not primary java developers.

What do you think?